2018 Goals

Welcome to 2018!! I know we are eight days is in so I’m a little late to the party but I wanted to share my goals for the year. I’m honestly not really a resolutions type of gal because a lot of people don’t stick to their resolutions (I’m guilty of it) which is why I call them goals. For me setting goals is much more effective because I think they are easier to break down and implement into my everyday life.  I have high hopes and expectations to push myself to reach these 2018 goals.

Grow my blog: I started this blog mostly for me, and I really wanted to stick with it. I have obviously neglected it a lot this past year and that is not something I want to do this year. I really want to find my niche and define my personal brand. 2018 is definitely going to be an experimental year with this blog; seeing which types of post perform well, creating post series, maybe even experimenting with video content. The possibilities are endless with blogging but I ultimately want to focus on growth on all platforms I use to promote the blog (Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter) as well as the blog itself.

Take care of myself: This is not an “I want to get fit” goal. Everyone wants to be fit and work out more. For me, this goal means genuinely taking care of my health beyond going to the gym a few times a week. I am a generally healthy person, but I think being so young it is easy to neglect certain aspects of staying healthy. I want to use this year to actually go to the doctor, get facials,  and find activities that help me manage my stress and anxiety. I also really want to learn more about food; how to cook it, seasonal eating and how to effectively meal plan so I don’t eat out as much.

Land a big girl job: I am graduating from college in the first week of May (omg!!). I am beginning my search for a big girl job, which is both exciting and insanely scary at the same time. My major is marketing and I have really enjoyed almost every aspect that I have learned about. These past few semesters have helped me narrow down what my interests are. I hope to find a job that has to do with the creative side of marketing, specifically branding. I am keeping my search wide though and I want to have a job secured before graduation.

Stay Organized: I have zero trouble getting organized, it actually is therapeutic for me to organize my closet, planner, pantry, etc. My problem is keeping it organized. I really want to be an ‘organize as I go’ type of person instead of having to take chunks of time out to get re-organized. Things like keeping my planner up to date and making sure all of my clothes are put away after they’re clean will help me de-clutter my life and my to-do list.

Keep moving forward: Every year throws obstacles your way, this past year, however, some of the obstacles in 2017 were hard for me to get over. I want to keep moving forward in 2018 and move past some of the things that have happened, well, in the past.  I am ready to close doors on some relationships, and other aspects of my life that haven’t been worth my time. I think by doing this it will allow me to have new experiences that I wasn’t quite ready to have before.

Save money: College has done some serious damage to my savings account. I want to make it a priority to rebuild my savings. It will hopefully be easier once I have a salaried job but until then I am going to put any sales I make on Poshmark into my savings account instead of spending it on more clothes.

I think these are pretty realistic and reachable goals that will lead to me having a kick-ass year. What are your goals for 2018?





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