Beauty Products that are Worth the Splurge

Beauty is a multibillion-dollar industry full of what feels like billions of products. It is so easy to get discouraged and overwhelmed when trying to find beauty products that work the way you want them to. I find myself browsing Sephora with a blank stare in complete product overload. It takes time and energy to find products that actually work for you and more importantly, products that are worth the steep prices. 

Luckily along the way, through plenty of trial and error and samples from Sephora, I have found products that I swear by. They all work so well for me I can look past the price tag and justify buying them. Without further adieu here are five beauty products that are worth the splurge.


bb. curl creme

I have naturally curly hair, and I love to wear it natural as often as I can because I hate the effort of actually styling it. But oftentimes the top layers don’t cooperate and leave my hair looking a little blah. That was until I received a sample size of Bumble and bumble. curl creme. I don’t want to be dramatic but it changed my life, not only does it amp up my curls it keeps them from getting frizzy and it smells so good. ($31)


BB foundation


Bobbi Brown is my girl, her products always match my skin tone and wear beautifully. The coverage is buildable and natural looking plus the SPF adds some protection from the sun. I would categorize this as my everyday foundation because it’s perfect to wear to class and work. I only buy two bottles per year because it lasts me so long. There is a pretty decent variety of shades so if you can find your match this foundation is completely worth it. ($50)




Pureology curl complete shampoo and conditioner are completely worth every penny in my opinion. The shampoo leaves my hair feeling clean without drying it and the conditioner locks in moisture leaving my curls luscious and hydrated. The fact that the formula has color care too is major. I’m currently using a different shampoo and conditioner and I want nothing more than it to be all gone so I can buy Pureology again. ($28-66 per bottle)

HyperFocal: 0


I remember reading Teen Vogue in high school and coming across an article where Supermud was a recommended product for clearing out your pores. I have always been super obsessed with anything pore related, like nose strips are my kryptonite. Naturally, I was dying to give this product a try.  About a year ago I decided to buy a travel version of the mask and have been hooked ever since. You notice a change in your skin immediately and it makes my skin so glowy. This product lives up to the hype for sure. ($22-99)



I was first introduced to this product at my hair salon about five years ago. I had just bleached my dark brown hair and my stylist assured me that Morroconoil would help my hair stay healthy. This oil made my bleached hair healthier than it had been in years. A huge plus is the way it smells, it’s like a vacation in a bottle. I feel my self become so relaxed every time I put it in my hair. This is by far my favorite after shower hair serum. ($34)



4 thoughts on “Beauty Products that are Worth the Splurge

  1. I used to love the glam glow mask but I stopped buying it because it was getting too pricey but I really liked it. I need to check the other products you recommend, I’m entrigued bu the foundation 😀 Would you mind check out my page, maybe we can follow each other and be internet friends, it would mean the world to me 😀
    Love, Mimi

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